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Lost 2x06

Shannon. :((((

Shannon and adorable wee bad hair!Boone. :((((((((

Well, now that Shannon is dead, she won't be reminding me constantly of how much I miss Boone. :(((((((((((

Um. Also, my mother dubbed Ana-Lucia "Bitchface" at the beginning of the episode. My mother, whose idea of some harsh invective is "Stupidhead".

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Are we sure she's totally dead? She and Sayeed were so cute together. And just after he said I love you to her too. SO sad. Ana is a bitch. I can't believe how she needs to be the boss but she can't really handle it and she doesn't even realize it. She's so pushy when she needs the big black guy to do anything anyways. He should be the leader...not her. Well, at least the groups have found each other. Next week should be interesting, finding out what happened to the people who were taken. or how it happened. whatever.
Well, I mean, just because the previews kept saying that someone's going to die and it's going to be for real doesn't necessarily mean she's dead because sometimes the previews are lying h0rs, but ... I'm thinking that's where the smart money is going. Poor Sayid, too. :\

OMG, bitch not even strong enough of a word for her. I am fascinated by the whole "now we get the flip side of the coin" aspect of next week's episode, but she is probably going to drive me insane the whole time. If I were on her side of the island, I would have tied her up and left her as a sacrifice to the Others long before now.
Ana makes me so angry because she's banking on the fact that most decent guys won't hit a girl. She's such a bully. My family says, "You're supposed to hate her," but I dislike that character so much that she ruins the show for me.
Oh, I know! I can't conceive of any possible backstory that would begin mitigate her atrocious behavior, unless maybe she's actually a malfunctioning killer robot from the planet Zarquon.