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£2 for the guy (figure adjusted for inflation)

My little brother paid me a rather nice compliment the other day. He said that he hates it when I edit his papers because he looks at whatever changes I made and wishes he had thought of them first.

Today is, of course, Guy Fawkes day. We will celebrate by blowing up City Hall. Or possibly just by burning things. This is the kind of holiday my family can really get behind, raging pyros that they are.

For the record, I really like it when people read my fanfiction and suffer from fits of outrage, especially when they declare that they can never read the source material again. It greatly inflates my sense of self-importance, and is really fucking funny besides. Keep it up! Whilst I cannot reveal what fandoms I'm volunteering to write for yuletide, I will say that there are a few I'm just dying to be asked to write for that whole "your head asplode" effect.


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,722 / 50,000

This is so much fun to write, veering sharply as it does between the awesomely awful and the deeply mediocre. It is also teaching me a lot about novel writing; to wit, never write this novel again.
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