Mai Yamani

November swiftly approaches

For my mother, this means the end of her birthday month, a month-long celebration of all that is her, primarily denoted by stars all over the calendars and infinitely more cakes than usual (usual number of cakes: zero). I think we've had the caramel apple cake five times now.

For me and a lot of other rather deranged people, this means the inception of NaNoWriMo, for which I have an idea, but it is stupid. Maybe I can improve it in the next, er, seven and a half hours. Or not. At least it will be good for me to write something longer than, say, 500 words.

For redscharlach and her band of quixotic yet lazy minions, of which I am one, it also marks the inception of No More God-awful Sloppy Posts Month – NoMoGoSloPoMo. I don't know how successfully this can be combined with the sleep-deprived insanity of NaNoWriMo, but I do hereby solemnly swear that, if I do make any God Awful Sloppy Posts this month, I will place them behind LJ-cuts.

A very happy November to you all!
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Thank you for your support. I'm highly entertained by the description of my "band of quixotic yet lazy minions", which makes me think that maybe we should have a theme song of some description, but also that we're probably not quite ready to rob from the rich to give to the poor, or anything particularly difficult like that....
Scharlach Red, Scharlach Red, writing on the wall,
Scharlach Red, Scharlach Red, with her minions all
She draws up the rules and charges ahead,
Scharlach Red!
(dum dum dum)
Scharlach Red!

(Later on this may be varied with other verses such as "feeding swine more pearls / with her band of gurls...")
"...She robs from the rich / And won't give it back
Red Scharlach, Red Scharlach, Red Scharlaaaaacccchhhhhh!"

Great, you can be my personal minstrel! Aren't you pleased?

Immensely. Though I'm afraid even my Empress will never tempt me into pronouncing "Scharlach" like that.

"...Her minstrel's high pitch / it sounds just like Bach
Red Scharlach, Red Scharlach, Red Scharlaaaaacccchhhhhh!"