not a happy bunny

Not dead yet

I signed up for NaNoWriMo. Because, you know, a complete and utter inability to update my LJ bodes well for my mad wordcount-boosting skills. *facepalms*

Not that I've been doing anything especially interesting. I have watched all of Numb3rs, Firefly and season one Buffy, though. That was kind of interesting, although not so much in the retelling. ("And then I sat in front of the television ... some more!") I intend to work on being a more interesting person as soon as I figure out what is interesting anyway.

I think I may write my NaNo about a man who buys the Brooklyn Bridge from a troll. Unless I come up with something better in the intervening month.
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We are all quite mad, aren't we?

(Hmm. Maybe I'll make a NaNoWriMo icon that says "We are all mad here.")
When does one have to sign up? I'm strongly inclined to do it, but I don't know yet if I actually will ...
There should be a tiny "Sign up now" link in approximately the upper right hand corner, underneath the big "November 1st-30th".