100% spoiler-free post

Mostly because I don't have the mental werewithal to compose a post with spoilers!

Snagged wristband #12 at Barnes and Noble. Reread Order of the Phoenix while waiting for midnight. Had book in hand by 12:05. Also acquired two more pairs of plastic glasses and two posters. Finished book at 3:50.

Now I am meant to be working in four hours. Yay?

Edit: Pls to not be posting spoilers in my spoiler-free post! Truth in advertising!
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It's all about power napping. Or longer, more committed napping.

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I zonked out at the end of chapter one... does this mean I lose my HP fan cred? (I'm planning on finishing it today, honest! ;)
Hee. I think that means that you are smart. And much better rested than me. ;)
Well, we were up until after 1 reading, and I was up again early, but. Likely yes. :)

I was on the bus earlier today and there were not less than three of us with our noses buried in our respective copies. It was quite amusing. :)
I have slept for three hours out of the last 38. Beat that! (Like you would want to ...)
I have tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar tonight and won't get home until midnight! I win lose something at life!