Little thrills of anticipation

Wow, I'm smart. It just occurred to me that I am working on Saturday from 9 to 5. Saturday is, of course, the day after Friday, and Friday is, as some of you may have noted, the day for camping out at the bookstore of one's choice for snagging a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I am so good with planning things, you have no idea.

Speaking of which, sent me an email a couple of days ago suggesting that perhaps I might enjoy this book called Harry Potter and the ... Goblet of Fire. Yes. Indeed. Very astute recommendation, Amazon.

I think I will mostly avoid the internet now until Saturday due to spoilers that are apparently rampant although thus far I have avoided them just fine. I've certainly not been around much during the couple weeks anyway, between one thing and another. But I'm really looking forward to reading this book and discussing it with you all behind 100% spoiler-free cut tags. :)
Hee, I also am starting to get excited. And a bit concerned, because since myself and fremlin are both fans, we were thinking of getting 2 copies... but that seemed rather excessive. So I'm going to try and argue for dibs on the basis that I read faster than fremlin does. :D

Dunno if he's going to go for it, though - we may end up having to trade off chapter by chapter. :)

We're sure not getting one from the library any time soon, however. There are currently 477 holds on HBP (although there are something like 8 copies per library in the area). I'm almost surprised that it's not more.
I have faster-reader dibs in my house too -- of course, I think I also have I'm-paying-for-this-book dibs. :)

I just checked at my library, and there are 1,721 holds on it! I'm sure that must be a personal record. I see that our branch has the most copies, twenty. Not that we'll be seeing them any time soon.
Very excited. We've pre-ordered one from the kid's bookstore down the street. Not sure who will get dibs, but Jen usually starts reading anything I'm reading anyway, so likely she'll take the afternoon shift and I'll take the evening shift.
I'm stoked too...first time I've ever pre-ordered a book (last book I was stoked about I couldn't afford until paperback came out). As far as spoilers...I just put my fingers in my ears and go "Lalala I can't hear you!" Gives me something to read while they're working on my car.
I did the pre-order midnight party thing two years ago, and it was a blast. Everyone was so excited. I got a nifty plastic pair of Harry glasses, too.
If I didn't have to be at work at 8 Saturday, I might do the midnight release thing. But I'm too old to pull that kinda stuff off anymore :D
Hee. I think we were pretty lucky, since we were out of there by 12:20 or so. Not too late. :)
I'm sure you will manage to get ahold of one. They only printed a zillion of the damn things.
I can't wait! I pre-ordered my copy...last time, I got the book on Saturday afternoon, and I believe I finished it Sunday night, stopping only for food, bathroom breaks, and sleep. I've already told my husband that this weekend will probably be a write-off. I actually just reread Order of the Phoenix to reacquaint myself. Can't wait!
My old magazine working area is now filled, completely, five high, with Harry Potter boxes. I believe we currently have 7000 copies in the store.
Too bad they don't have you lined up to dress up like a Harry Potter character for the release. The people at the OotP release party looked pretty hot. ;)