Mai Yamani

I just found this shell account that I used back in high school, including my website for 407 B.C.E. Athens that I thought I didn't have any extant copies of. I actually thought it was pretty clever. I made it when my American Government summer school teacher took pity on me and allowed me to come up with a project to satisfy the state-wide requirement that anyone with half a brain had completed successfully in 9th grade. (Long story short, I was homeschooled up until 10th grade.)

Ah, those were glorious days. I sat around in the school library/computer lab, reading The Republic and Lysistrata, using the internet, taking breaks and wandering around whenever I felt like it, and leaving early. It even tops my independent study in ancient Greek as best half-credit earned in high school.

I'm particularly proud about Cleon bitching about trolls on the Athenian forum.
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It really is a shame that no one has somehow found this fine example of a webpage and linked to it.

BTW, I like the new floral print background. I usually only see your LJ on my friends page, so if it's not really new, it's new to me.
I totally just put that background up. Like, within the hour. I like it too, although what I really wanted was a millefleur tapestry, but of course tiling is hard.

I think about the only way to have found this page up until now was to a.) be my American government teacher, or b.) type in random URLs and be very, very lucky.