Mai Yamani

By request.

Note my blindingly white arm. Hee.

I also have an awesome swishy leopard-print skirt that I liberated from the sales rack at the Halls store where it was surrounded with hideous sweaters bristling with ropes of colored pearls and rosettes of rhinestones, often on the same sweater. No photo of that one, though. There was a guy picketing the store in a very low-key way, with a small cardboard sign reading

Hallmark unfair

                  in hiring

As we were leaving, one of the Clinique women poked her head out the door and reported back to the other cosmetics ambassadors that his sign was rather dull today and really, picketing just isn't what it used to be.

laislabevita and chilango are coming to visit me tomorrow! You wish you were as cool as me! (Unless you are satyadasa, in which case ... no, you still wish you were as cool as me.) They will be staying until noon on Thursday, which is just long enough to fully appreciate how incredibly dull this place is. ;)
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That is one forked-up bracelet.
I wish I were in Liberty, then I could meet Chilango and Laislabevita. Alas, I am to remain here.