Mai Yamani

Super Smash Brothers: Birthday Cake Stage

Note our entire fridge full of Jones Crack Soda.

The birthday boy eating candy off the cake. I suppose he's allowed.

My mom and I bought the Nintendo gummi suckers at Economy Candy in the Lower East Side for cake decorating purposes. Thus was born Super Smash Brothers Birthday Cake Stage!

Closeup of my cake-decorating genius.

This is the best fucking drink ever that Danny made. It's Jones Cream Soda and Jones Berry Lemonade with a shot of Mountain Dew. I foresee great things in his future when he gets his friends to buy alcohol for him turns 21.

Danny's just getting warmed up. Later he set someone's socks on fire. Admittedly, the guy took his socks off and doused them in lighter fluid, but that's just the sort of thing that happens at our house.

T00by sibling picture.



I am very proud of my Nintendo cake. And my little brother. But mostly my Nintendo cake. ;)
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Thanks! I'll pass it on!

("So, random people on the internet say happy birthday to me?"


"Um, why?

"They just do!")
I know. But there were a lot of adolescent boys with lighter fluid, and I thought it would be prudent to stay inside. ;)
Zomg! I love Super Smash Brothers!

And I thought I was the only one who drank Silk soymilk... Chocolate for me, though.

Happy birthday to your brother!
I adore Super Smash Brothers! Although when I play against Danny he beats me with one hand behind his back and I feel inadequate.
This is why we usually play as a team against other people or computer players. Together, we are unstoppable!
The Great American Herpes!
The Great American Herpes is, as everyone knows, a viral condition which is transmissible only to Great Americans, such as the person mentioned on the carton, Amelia Jenks Bloomer --

-- oh, wait, that says Great American Heroes. My bad.

And thanks! :D
your page came up when i clicked random search i.m very glad that it did and i couldn.t leave w/out telling you so brava i read for several minutes and left much happier than i was when i came in the one thing i didn.t notice tho. i may go back in to find out is which variety of fandom you write in i sort s.spect it.s lord of the rings it.s a guess if so i.ll chalk it up to weird serendipity is there any other kind
i read the holmes piece of fan fic and whew good i shoulda guessed from viot i.d seen already that too talented for your own good
out on a limb he sed can the anticonvention momentarily
Okay I talk to myself, does that make me an asshat? I came back to your page.. actually i clicked over to your profile from my Yahoo box and decided to friend you. I must say everything I've seen is impresive. I like saying I know folk like you, May. I'll prob'ly be in touch.. in a manner of speaking, um y'know, metaphorically.
I made them. Well, I downloaded the complete Calvin and Hobbes in PDF format, and I cropped them. *g*