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All I have to say is that I, personally, don't see anything wrong with either of those teeth. (This is where some wiseass helpfully volunteers that that is why one consults a dentist.)

You know, I really liked my dentist the first time I encountered him. This was because he gave me nitrous oxide. Since then he's just been swabbing and sticking me with needles and it's just not the same. The bloom has gone off.

LJ ate my colors. Thanks, LJ!

Last night I went golfing with my grandpa, who golfs, and my father, who sort of golfs, and my brother Danny and my cousin Jeff and Jeff's friend who I'm sure has a name, but I've forgotten it. I'm also sure that, as a general rule, he has a shirt, but that was not so much in evidence when he came over. Apparently he misplaced it.

Over the course of seven holes -- it was too dark to see where one's ball had gone by the time we reached the eighth -- I racked up, according to my own system of scoring, zero strokes, which I defy anyone to improve upon. My system of scoring is based on my determination that all the times I hit the ball, or alternately the grass in the vicinity of the ball, were too pathetic to be dignifed with the word "stroke."

The fact is, all I know about golfing comes from the golf stories of P.G. Wodehouse, from which I basically gathered that I was sullying the game of golf with my pathetic efforts. Also that golfers have funny names for everything to prevent anyone knowing what they're on about. It did not help any that no one would explain to me exactly what a strategy in golf would look like, or what exactly the difference between any given club would be.

Nonetheless, it was very nice out and no one else was out on the course (they were all coming in and looking at us as if we were mad as we were going out) and we had fun zipping about in our little golf cart.

I do like visiting my grandparents -- my grandfather is the only member of my family who prevents me being assured that I am some kind of changeling, actually -- but I cannot say as I will miss AOL in general or this computer in particular when I have done with it. Why I neglected to install AOL on Pan so I could at least use him instead of this demon-infested spawn of Gateway I cannot imagine. Do not let me do it again.
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Does this mean a return for another appointment later in the summer?