Things I have done since the last time I updated my LJ

  • Wrestled extensively with the idiocy of NYU, and won, more or less
  • Took finals
  • Turned in papers
  • Got myself on Fandom Wank, in the good way, with people proposing to have my babies
  • Bid farewell to my adorable Pre-K classes, who were very sad to see me go
  • Made one last trip to the Cloisters with vagabondsal
  • Made one last trip to Strand with vagabondsal
  • Ate most of vagabondsal's remaining food
  • Said goodbye to my beloved TV and my beloved speakers and posted them
  • Packed everything I owned in a few suitcases and lugged them to the airport
  • Discovered muscles in my elbows that I didn't know, or want to know, that I had
  • Did not die in scary thunderstorm over Kansas City as we were landing
  • Read more books on the airplane than I have otherwise in a month
  • Revised my little brother's awful no good very bad paper on Tess of the d'Urbervilles, due the next day
  • Visited my grandparents in South Dakota
  • Played the Squirrel Game with my three-year-old second cousin, who cheats
  • Made my extended family very jealous when my one-year-old second cousin liked me best and wanted to sit in my lap
  • Planted flowers in my grandparents' backyard
  • Discussed important questions with my grandfather, such as what is the greatest novel ever written and how long does it take to reserve a booking at the Old Course in St. Andrews
  • Tried to read my flist on dialup through AOL
  • Failed, miserably
  • Ordered six imps from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
  • Returned home again and settled on swing on the back porch with the wireless internet

Congratulations to everyone who graduated, will graduate, otherwise made it through another semester, is too cool to be in school any more, et cetera. You are all awesome.
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He made a case for Wuthering Heights, a copy of which happened to be in the living room at the time. I'm more of a Jane Eyre person, myself.
Ah but you're both pro-Bronte? For the sake of Argument, I"ll say Agnes Grey is the best, not that I've read any of them :-)
Wow. That is an extensive list. I'm one of the graduated types, myself (for the second time, ack! oh no the real world!) but that is an excellent sentiment. Congrats to all. :)

Ordered six imps from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Ooooooooh. I will have to keep an eye on that site for when I have some $. *bookmarks*
Yay! Congratulations! I'm glad you survived moving, too. I hate moving. :)

That BPAL site is dangerous. I clicked on it idly, and the next thing I knew, I was making OmniOutliner lists with ticky boxes of all the scents I wanted to try.

Good luck with that real life thing. ;)
Hi! That's really cool.

I like the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. If I were going to buy anything from them, it would be The Fool and The Star. :)

Mmm, those sound nice. When I actually get my samples, expect to hear lots of excitement. :)