An Open Letter to the Creepy Man Who Paces Up and Down in Front of My Building

Dear Creepy,

Hi! You may recognize me. I'm one of the many university students who live in the building that you pace up and down in front of every day. In fact, I'm not sure what would be worse: if you don't recognize me, because you have seen me a thousand times by now, or if you do recognize me, because, as I said before, you're kind of creepy.

So, about this pacing up and down in front of my building every day, which you do, often all day long and well into the night. What, precisely, are you attempting to accomplish here? I mean, maybe the voices in your head told you that if you kept it up long enough, the walls would come tumbling down and you would conquer the security guards and set the building on fire and maybe find yourself a new coat first, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this plan isn't really working for you so far.

Perhaps you should try some new approach to life, preferably one that does not involve my building in any way, shape or form. After all, you are in Manhattan; there is hardly a shortage of buildings to choose from.

No love,

Also, this icon is totally relevant to this post! It is! It ... okay, so I just wanted to use it because it is shiny and new.
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Well, don't give him money or the time of day, or anything. He might take it as tacit acceptance of his existence.