sex and violence

GIP and other disjecta membra

Today I did a presentation on sex. It was awesome, except I forgot to put in the part about seahorses. Oh well. I saved it as a PowerPoint and put it up here for your possible viewing enjoyment. It features hot mantis sex! (11.7 MB file)

The rest of my group was not as fabulous as me, naturally, but still it was good, and went pretty smoothly. We showed the Every Sperm is Sacred song from Meaning of Life as an icebreaker, and we served ice cream for refreshments, too.

Also, I made this icon. I am feeling much more fannish towards Alias now than I ever did before, possibly because the actual show is just not as much fun for me any more. I have plotted out how the rest of the season should unfold, but JJ does not return my calls.

Predictably, now that I am back in the US, the long-awaited BBC Creative Archive has launched. Enjoy, all you British-type peoples.
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W00t, nothing like mantis sex to make my day.
Also I had no idea that swallows were so whorish.
That looks like it was an interesting presentation.
Swallows are sluts. Basically, the only ones who aren't sleeping around are the male mantises ...
Thanks to the 'internet lite' we have here at home, I'm still waiting for the presentation to download, but I'm sure it will be nifty. Mantises = teh r0xx0rs. :D

Also, I like the new layout. Looks good.
Isn't it awesome? Check out [Bad username: lj_stylescontest] for more pretty.
They sell those at Mrs Tiggywinkle's - my roommate got Ebola for her bf, and I got yeast for my mom (since she bakes bread) and strep for my sister (because she used to get it). They are entirely too cool. :)

Apparently, too, there are special 'health professionals only' ones of HIV and something else, I forget what.
Knowing is half the battle!
That was a great presentation! I learned the word "Lek." Maybe I'll use it someday.

Poor male mantises.

What happens with seahorses?
Re: Knowing is half the battle!

The female seahorse actually foists her eggs off upon the male, who then becomes pregnant and gives birth to the baby seahorses.