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Today at work during Center Time, I was sitting with three of the squid who were playing with Legos. One of them announced that he was building a snowblower, so of course the other two had to build snowblowers, too. They pretended to blow snow for a while, and then they decided that they could use them on a larger target--namely, me.

This is how three four-year-olds came to announce that they were going to blow me.
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I want someone to blow me.
Or something.
I want to bother the neighbors in the same way they bother me with their sweet lovin.
Unless we actually did become lesbian lovers this 1 April whilst I wasn't looking, you might do better to direct this inquiry elsewhere. ;)
For some reason, no one ever takes our love seriously. Possibly because it only ever speaks its name on 1/4.
My husband isn't jealous of the vibe.
I just wonder if the place down the street that's called "The Love Shack" actually contains adult items of interest.
Ah, I now understand previous squid comments better. *grins* I usually refer to them as sprogs so I'm not quite sure how I missed it before...

Kids say the darnedest things.
Amberspyglass and Dar williams
don't mean to sound random or odd, but i googled the amber spyglass and dar williams the honesty room together and you showed up so here's what i think

both things are amazing-but even better together

the first time i read the series of his dark materials it was to that CD (minus track 12, never was to big on that one) and now every time i listen to it i think of the book there are so many links
just look at the great un known if there were ever any doubt, and it smacks you right in the face. try it i guaranty it will make you love them both even more!