Spring is in the air

I left my niftycool toothbrush in Missouri. This morning, I had to brush with my old one, which had already been demoted for pre-treating stains. It was somewhat soapy.

Last night I fell asleep at, um, seven. And then slept. Until my alarm went off this morning at seven. I guess I was kind of tired.

It's been four weeks since the squid announced their engagement and they are as smitten as ever. Bet you weren't expecting that. (I know I wasn't.)

Also, I had the best idea for a Vicky Bliss fic ever. (It would also be the only Vicky Bliss fic ever, if my many searches are any indication.) Vicky and John need to go to Oxford, for some reason or other. And of course you know that Vicky is a huge Sayers fan, and here my brain melts from sheer squee. We're talking OTPs of DOOM, here, people!
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They are so adorable. I just want to put them in my pocket and take them home.
I love those nights when you go to bed early and sleep all the way through... wish my dogs would let me do it more often... they're not quite as peaceful as the squid, apparently... :)
Sleep is a beautiful thing. It really cuts into my time for faffing around on the internet, though. :)
Er, hello. I was googling for Vicky Bliss fanfic, as one does, and this entry of yours came up as one of the first hits. Did you, perchance, ever write this story? It sounds very interesting!
I haven't, sad to say, although the plotbunny still lives in my brain and I certainly would not rule it out in the future.

There are four Vicky Bliss stories in the Yuletide archive, though, two of which were written for me! I hope that will help satisfy your jones for all things Vicky since I have been so disobliging as to not actually write anything.

Are you a Dorothy L. Sayers fan, perchance?
Oh brilliant, one of those didn't come up on googling! It's sort of satisfying, in a melancholy way, to say that you've read all the fanfic for a given fandom, don't you think? I am a Sayers fan, so i think your plot bunny is most excellent. I hope you write it someday!