Mai Yamani

Our family HAS no rules!

We have a houseguest, because my brother's friend's parents are in Germany. So far we have played poker with him, and purchased various games and a copy of The Incredibles with the money his parents sent with him. He has a poster to do for psychology class tomorrow, which had better be about Rousseau's blank slate, because it is empty. We did enjoy the movie, though.

I have taken to stealing my little brother's shirts so that I have something to wear. My suitcase was full of books. He is not a few inches taller than me, but our chests measure about the same. This is convenient, or sad, or both.
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Re: The fickle randomness
Verily, the random are still with me! I think they tend come in waves.
I could never wear jenna's clothes, as she bought small things (since she overestimated her own size) and my chest could never fit in. Neither could my butt. Not that I'd wear anything of hers anyway, for fear she might be contageous.