happy Mac

I think I may have accidentally proposed to the DHL delivery man

My computer is BACK! He even has brand-new rubber feet to match the new optical drive, and all is well! Yay!

Also, my little brother's graphing calculator was turned in at the middle school where he took the SAT. We figure that some middle schooler took it home, and some middle school parent took it right back. Even more yay!

Also, I got to moderate for my old high school scholar bowl team's districts, saving the day as the teacher who was supposed to be moderating wasn't there. I was the all-powerful reader of questions and determiner of correct answers! Muahahahahaha!

Er. Not that the power went to my head, or anything.

All the scholar bowl kids nowadays play games on their networked Gameboy SPs. Back in my day, we played Tetris on our graphing calculators and compared our high scores and we liked it! And what are these kids doing on my yard? Get off!
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you said a bad word while you were moderating....
sadly, i think i may have been the only one who caught it.
i was amused.
Hee. I'm all grown up and graduated now anyway, so what are they going to do to me? :D I'm glad you were amused.