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LJ ate all my S2 customizations whilst I wasn't looking. Thanks a lot, LJ!

I am now happily ensconced in the bosom of my family, where pizza magically appears whenever I say hmm, pizza sounds good, I have already read five books, watched The Office, and won a game of poker, and generally things are good.

Sadly, my beloved laptop is presently having his optical drive replaced -- under warranty, thank goodness. I honestly don't know whose fault it is, but I stuck a CD-R in to burn some CDs to inflict upon play for my family and it made some funny noises and then went in and didn't mount, or come back out, or anything. I haven't done anything particularly abusive to it lately, and I burned three CDs before I left, so I'm happy to go with the assumption that it was somehow Apple's fault.

Anyway, the point being that I am laptopless, and thus even less available for the time present than I was already counting on, until my beloved is returned to me once more. You will have to take it as read that I love you all.

EDIT: Also! I had a bunch of my hair hacked off, which is supposed to give it a coherent style and make me look older! I do not believe that it makes me look older, but then there's not really much hope for that! Pictures maybe soon if someone takes a decent one of me.
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According to LJ Support:
Some users using the S2 style system have found that their journal style has changed to Generator without making this change themselves. It is not necessary to open a support request about this; to fix the problem, you will need to switch your language to English and reselect the style of your choice. Developers are aware of the problem, and they are working to resolve it.
If your problem is different than the one they're talking about, opening a support-request might be worthwhile.
Hmm. I think I must have changed a setting accidentally, because I did that it still didn't go back to my old settings. But that's okay, because I fixed it up again anyway. Thanks! :)
Ooh poopy luck with your iBook. It seems to be going around these days. I hope he returns to you shortly. Does he have a name? I can't remember you mentioning one...
His name is Pantalaimon. :) At least I can get him fixed whilst I'm on break and have no assignments to do and other things to occupy my time. Task number one: seriously attempting to decrappify my parents' Windows box. I don't even know what they've done to it, I swear, and of course they always turn to me for long-distance tech support ...
Wow. I had to look that up. Very cool sounding, but as I need sleep badly the provided plot summary is having about as much effect on me as, say, a cup of coffee while under general anaesthetic. Perhaps I will have to look again.

On the bright side, my userpic seems to have transmogrified itself into something strange which I do not recognize. Ah the ways of the world... always a surprise in store.

BTW- I intentionally stopped learning about Windows a few years ago. Worked wonders!
Heeeee. I was wondering about that icon myself. I guess that's what they meant by userpics being broken.

The last version of Windows that I was reasonably au courant with was Windows ME (used interchangeably with with "fuck me"), back in high school. I think that I have now beaten Windows XP into submission, but it will probably arise, zombie-like, as soon as I have gone. I'd like ignore it, of course, but then who will protect my mother from the ravages of malware?
It is cute. And I've more or less resigned myself to being regularly mistaken for my little brother's girlfriend. So.

I think tomorrow I'll give my family members my digital camera and tell them to keep taking pictures of me until i approve of one for public release. Then it's just a matter of uploading it somehow with only crap computers at my disposal ...