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Take a peek at my desk

It's been a while since I've done this one, and I know you all want to take a peek at where I spend the plurality if not the majority of my days write and such. Thus, behind this cut, I give you

I cleared off a few extraneous dishes, tissues, etc., but other than that, it's the real deal.
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I tried my hardest and my damnedest to reply with a picture of my own workspace, at this VERY moment but my camera is being a royal toilet flush, so you'll have to settle for an older-sight of it.

Image hosted by

Though the glass is still there.
Though the glass is still there.


I hope your camera behaves itself better soon.
I like how the DVDs are all off to the left now. They looked weirder 25% over.
Do you wanna come to my place and organize my desk? ^_^

You wouldn't have to handle DVDs or books, because I have way too many and therefore I have extra boards to store them (in other rooms).

But I have shitloads of computer stuff. And CDs. >_<
I am not even sure how many computers there are in this room. o_O

Organizing other people's stuff is always more fun than organizing your own, I have found. ;)

When I go home next week I should take pictures of the rest of my bookshelves. There are ... a lot of them ...

My brother's room, on the other hand, is where all the old computers go to die. I think there are six of them in there? Maybe?
This room here is were the computers go to come back to life. *g*

Pictures of your bookshelves? Yesh, that's something I wanna see, I am always excited when I get to see other people's bookshelves, lol. I'm a mad person.
Aaahhh... book shelves...
First thing I look at when I'm in someone else's house for the first time. Tells you a lot about them.

Hmmm... *thinks of her shelves*... Wow. Uh... I'm not sure what people would think of my shelves. Ecclectic dabbler who is a total geek? *snerks*
The picture is of a very youthful me with a Little Golden Book in my rocking chair. The DVDs are, from left to right: The X-Files: Fight the Future, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin Special Edition, Alias Season Two, Alias Season One, Garfield and Friends Volume 2, and Two Towers Special Edition.

I have more DVDs, but they are at home. Also, Aladdin and the Two Towers technically belong to my family.