Sonic Arms Race, the Mating Habits of Squid, and Belated Television Commentary

Some people on my floor think that everyone wants to listen to their music.

Some people on my floor are mistaken.

Some people on my floor are going to be sorry when my new speakers arrive on Monday.

Some people on my floor are going to find themselves listening to ... Bach.


Today two of the morning squid announced their impending engagement. The precocious gentleman, who also helped the lady into her coat, also informed me that there was a possibility that, rather than actually getting married, they would simply live together.

They're so adorable when they pretend to be human.


In a shocking violation of the Law of Conservation of Bad Rules, our library has actually stopped demanding to see what we have in our bags when we depart. Like a beaten spaniel, I am grateful for small favors.

When I was at said library, I checked out all the books about T.H. White. Do these have anything to do with the two essays I have to write and the midterm I have to take? Do they bollocks.


Lost: Numbers
Oh, how I loved Hurley's episode. satyadasa will testify that I was cracking up the entire time. I also appreciated that it actually tied into the Island Plot, for I am a whore for the Island Plot, much as I enjoy rampaging though various characters' pasts so that we can all learn a lesson at the end.

Damn, Hurley is good at keeping secrets, isn't he? (Well, that's the charitable interpretation. The other one is damn, the writers didn't come up with this idea until late in the game, did they? *g*) In retrospect, it makes more sense the way Hurley was going off about how Jack didn't know him as a prelude to the initiation of the island census.

No new episodes until the middle of April? Why's it gotta be like this, J.J.? Why you gotta hurt me like this?

To be sure, I am much more likely to write (and perhaps even finish!) fanfiction this way.

Alias: Sark! Sark Sark Sark! A Man of His Word

Okay, so woobie redeemed!Sark is now canon, yes? Can the Syd/Sark/Vaughn threesome be far behind?

Hey, Sydney was the one who said that their relationship was getting boring. Just add Sark, baby!

However, to properly appreciate this episode, I was forced to substitute a Lauren Reed of my own devising who was somewhat more interesting than a pot of overcooked spaghetti.
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Well, that's dumb. Don't they want people linking their friends to buy their products?

*looks for a better link to edit in*
what music are they listening to?

no one on your floor likes classical music??
by the way, what is up with your time settings? the am seems to be switched with the pm and vice-versa..
Re: time
The people who blast their music for us all to hear seem to favor songs that basically thump thump thump thump thump. Sometimes they play the same song all weekend long. I'm pretty sure that they don't listen to classical music, at any rate.

Also, the timestamps for my entries come from my computer (and are hence in EST), but the timestamps for comments are always in GMT.
OMGspeakerlust. Wow. Those look awesome. I will definitely check them out when I have money to spend on such things. :)

Also, the squid = awesome. :D They're so funny at that age.
I justified the splurginess to myself by telling myself that you can't put a pricetag on peace of mind. ;) Never mind that the thing I really need to splurgify on is an external hard drive, since mine is completely full of pirated television programming, but oh well.

SOCUTE. I still miss the ones who could write in paragraphs, though.
Heh. There were a few squid on my flight back to Ottawa, just across the aisle from me. Near the end of the flight, Dad got up to use the washroom, and one of them, about 3 or 4, looked up and said loudly "Daddy, are you going potty?" :D
Oh, my god, I love that speaker idea. That gives me such a great idea...

Bach rocks the socks of Drum'n'Bass any day. Hell yeah!
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