Shoes and ships and sealing-wax

Being inspired by the meteorological conditions, I wrote a Bloody Awful Poem. As one does.

On Winter
Frozen flakes are falling from the sky
And a strong wind is driving them into my eye
If I stand out here much longer I will get the shivers
It's a good thing that Fresh Direct delivers.


I don't think that you're actually supposed to let four year olds help you cut squares of card stock with the paper cutter, especially since, unlike non-metaphorical squid, four year olds do not regenerate severed extremities.

They were good helpers though. They held the handle up until I told them they could bring it down, and then they carefully compared the results to see if they were square.

Until the boys came over. They wanted to chop all willy nilly and that was the end of squares.

But that was okay, because we had more than enough squares by then anyway.


I am endlessly fascinated by English Cut, the blog of bespoke Savile Row tailor Andrew Mahon. Part of the appeal is, of course, that Mr. Mahon's enthusiasm for his profession is utterly contagious, but I think mostly I'm lusting after the suits.

Ah, the suits! It's no doubt a good thing that I wasn't born male, because I would be unable to resist the temptation to buy absurdly expensive suits for absolutely no good reason whatever and end up living in a cedar-lined wardrobe in the gutter, admiring my £2000 suit in shop windows.

As it is, I shall just have to go on wearing jeans every day and lusting after men in really nice suits, I suppose.
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I applaud the spread of the B*A*P* as a means of self-expression. I also applaud allowing small children to play with sharp objects. I think this is what is called "helping evolution along"...
Indeed. This is yet another reason that those plastic Safe-T scissors that I was so often plagued by as a child are an abomination. Happily, we have metal scissors in our classroom ...
Hugh MacLeod
Yeah, Tom's blog is great. Of course, I'm biased, I helped build it.

Funny, though his target market is middle aged men (with cash), the people spreading the word on the site the most seems to be women... especially women sewing enthusiasts. Sewing cirdles all over the world, zapping the URL around the globe via e-mail to their buddies.

But hey, women have husbands, husbands buy suits, and the women tell the husbands what suits to buy.

Thanks for your support!

Hugh MacLeod
That's so journal's called 'Cabbages and Kings', which is (I think) the verse following 'Shoes and ships and sealing wax'.

I realise that was a tad random - but I did find you with the livejournal random search.


I'm not mad, honest.