Unexpectedly free afternoon

You know, I'm totally in favor of classes being cancelled on dreary, rainy days.

It just helps if we get an email about it first.

But hey, I am back in my room and not too damp, plus I have this package from my mother that arrived today, so I have the Aladdin DVD and raspberry dark chocolate and a bunch of different lotions and a colander and all kinds of fun stuff. Yay!

I also have my very own domain now: http://www.pinchofnutmeg.net This is very exciting to me, as I have always wanted my own domain name, since I was an ickle webdork, and now I have one, and it is mine, mine, all mine!

Er. Yes. I have a very exciting placeholder up now. And my fanfic is here now.
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Oh, pretty! I read "Some Wounds Go Skin Deep" and enjoyed it muchly. Also, your design -- just -- mm! Simple and v. v. nice -- the image along the side makes me happy.

Picking a domain name is so fun: I remember wanting the-waitress.net, asunder.nu and at least five others before settling on oscillating.org.
Aww, thank you very much on all counts! I love the little vine marginalia too.
Oh! I had wanted to ask you -- how does one get the little image up in the URL bar and what do the dimensions need to be?

And do you have to pay extra for having subdomain.domain.com addresses? How does that work?
Ooooh, that answers my question about whether or not that was working. ;) (I think I need to empty my cache to get it to actually show up on my computer.)

It's 16 x 16 pixels and it needs to be in this .ico file format. There's a .ico plugin for Photoshop here, or there is this nifty site that will generate one for you from an image of any size, and there are nice directions on how to get it working here.

And you should check to see if subdomains are included in your hosting plan. Mine was easy to set up and all (*snuggles DreamHost*) and then it just shows up as a folder called florilegium.pinchofnutmeg.net when I connect to FTP.
I will echo what has been said already and say 'ooh, pretty vine.' :D Very nice looking site.

Oh, also, I notice that you just read Perdido Street Station. What did you think of it? I was assigned it in an English class a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it, with some caveats - but I'm always curious to see what other people have thought of it.
Thanks! :D

Yeah, I really enjoyed it, too, and I lent it to a friend when I got back to NY, but still ... It definitely kept my mind off the mind-numbing boredom and the ear-popping pressure, not to mention the apologetic but still extremely annoying young man in my lap the entire way back from Scotland, though, so I wouldn't complain too much. ;)

Sounds like a fun class, anyway. Did you read other cool stuff?
There was some stuff I really didn't like - I've discovered that I don't like Greg Egan much, or at least I didn't then, and also Octavia Butler didn't do anything for me either. But we read Startide Rising, by David Brin, which I really enjoyed (although I haven't gone on to read anything else by him). Oh, and Starship Troopers. We had some interesting discussions about that, and really about most of the other books - there were a few of us that really liked to debate in that class. :D

Oh, and we also read The Left Hand of Darkness, which has since become one of my top 3 favourite books (Pride and Prejudice and the Sherlock Holmes canon are the other two).

I took another class later with the same prof, and read some other very weird things. This one was the strangest, and it's about (surprise) a voyage to Arcturus. It was originally published in 1920 and is really proto-SF, I guess. But it was certainly an interesting read, although it left me thinking 'huh?" at the end.

/yay for belatedly replying to comments!
//sad that I have no suitably bookish icon
Oh, and we also read The Left Hand of Darkness, which has since become one of my top 3 favourite books (Pride and Prejudice and the Sherlock Holmes canon are the other two).

I had been meaning, in a vague way, to read that book for a while now, but with a recommendation like that I intend to do it immediately! Yay for spring break ...
Oh, you really should. I reread it every winter, and occasionally more often than that. It seems an appropriate book for that time of year.

Also, since you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, I'm going to rec you something else. I just picked up a book at the library called 'Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years', a collection of short stories about the time between Holmes's disappearance at the Reichenbach Falls and his miraculous reappearance in London. I've read the first four already, and there is one story that has made it worth reading, called "Water from the Moon" by Carolyn Wheat. I hope the rest of it is also good. I've liked it a lot more than I like a lot of other non-canon Holmes material.

Oh, and it's edited by Michael Kurland, so you know who to look it up under, if you decide to check it out.

/reallybig Holmes geek :D
Eeeeexcellent. We have a mystery bookstore/tearoom called Sherlock's Home in my hometown (yay!) that may be closing its doors soon (boo!), so I believe I'll take my mom for tea and look for it there first. I came back to look for the name of the editor and I couldn't even for the life of me remember what post we were having this conversation in. ;)