More rants

lethie requested last week's episode of Lost:

I am much too lazy to provide a really good synopsis of this episode, especially since cleolinda already does these ones that are both useful and very funny. I'll just link to this one here.

Anyway, as you may have noted from either said episode or said recap, this episode was clearly intended to make us all sympathetic to Michael, right? Aww, poor guy, he wanted so much to be a part of his son's life and his woman done him wrong and ran off with this guy who didn't want to be a father anyway and he never had any success with his artwork and blah blah blah ...

Yeah. Any sympathy I might have had for Michael was so gone when he BURNED some of the only available reading material on this desert island. No matter what language it's in, YOU DO NOT BURN BOOKS, OKAY? ESPECIALLY ON A DESERT ISLAND WHERE THERE'S NO "BUYING A NEW ONE". Bad Michael. You lose all your good daddy points, forever. In fact, you have no good points with me at all right now. Grr.

Also, Boone's relationship with Locke is so creepy. It's actually much creepier than his lust for his stepsister, which looks downright sane in comparison.

coercedbynutmeg requested bad Harry Potter fanfiction:

Okay, so actually, I don't really have anything against bad!fic. I think it's absolutely fucking hilarious to read, although the fact that the author didn't actually intend me to roll around on the floor laughing at their magnum opus would be more than a little disturbing if i spent a lot of time thinking about it. So I don't. This is a very important coping mechanism for dealing with life in general, actually.

Also, it's really sad, but I've been in Harry Potter fandom for like two years now, and while I still definitely feel the love, I don't feel the need so much. Which means I don't actually read very much fic. Which means that I generally get my quota of good!fic by just reading my friendslist, which is filled with cool people whom I love, and even then I don't get around to everything that piques my interest.

But! This is supposed to be a rant! And so, in interest of truth in advertising, I will rant! Why? Why do people write this stuff if they do not intend for us to get a really good giggle out of it? Is it that they live in some strange universe where grammar does not actually exist and characters do not consult Earth Logic before they act?

Who knows? Who cares? Bad!fic is funny!

It also helps that mctabby reads the bad!fic so I don't have to. Just saying.

It's not too late to commission a rant, if you actually want one. I'm just getting into the swing of things, really.
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Ooh! Do us a rant about NYU girls--you know the kind I'm talking about. Or, possibly, Tisch film students who Really Believe In Their Art. Or, really, just rant about NYU in general.
Hey it works for me. I'd just guessed that you'd have a rantful opinion since you said that fanfic.net or wahtever is full of bad harry potter fic.
I also feel bad when I know someone was trying to be serious but I can't stop laughing. At them. Then of course, there are folk who do the opposite in being hilarious while people wonder if they're being earnest. I don't know any of those folk personally, but I'm sure they exist.
Yep, just forget going there for Harry Potter if you don't already know what you're looking for, because all you'll find is crap. Unless of course you want to find crap, in which case you're in the right place.

Ow! That's not much good for your back! That's where all my stress and such goes, too ...
Not to mention falling off one's chair, a predicament for the posterior. Banging on the desk several times out of desperation for a life source. With all the bad fic I've read, I'd have to say my desk is in pretty bad shape!

I therefore conclude that bad HP fics are good for smokers. Takes the tar out the lungs with all the chuckling.
Thanks very much! Did Claire come back with a baby in her belly, or no baby? Was that visible?
No baby! And then the episode ended, and they informed us of the no-new-episode-for-two-weeks thing! It was terribly cruel.