First, a word to the wise: If you're going to threaten people on the internet, you might want to bear in mind how trivial it was for me to find your full name, university email, address, phone number, birthday, hometown, and major. Not everyone is as nice as I am.

Other news: I feel much better. My antibiotics are worth their weight in gold, evidently. At least, that's how much they cost.
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Yew said it. Of course, if she comes here, you can always POST such info, including IP address. I did that to a xangan once and she NEVER fucked with me again.
I hate internet stalker/harrassers. How easy it is to badger someone without ever seeing their face... And stupid and cowardly... And annoying....

I think you should do like we did to a girl who did that.... we got her address and subscribed her to a bunch of skanky porn magazines... what fun!
It was sooooo fun.... I just wish I could have been there to see her face when she started getting them... we also waited a little while and started sending them to her parents' address in her name... kinda evil, I guess...