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Geek pinup!

Wow. So it turns out that the fabulous picture that I scanned from Newsweek some months back depicting Bill Gates lounging on his desk, lobbing floppies at the camera has a companion shot of Bill snuggling with an IBM monitor that is even better than the first one. Both can be conveniently found here.

Just ... wow.
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It adds a whole new dimension to his goal to put a (Windows) computer on every desk, doesn't it?
Teen Beat was pretty obliging about pimping him out, too.

I wonder what kind of response they got.
Sometimes, the truth really is stranger than fiction. And a picture really is worth a thousand words, while we're trotting out the clichés.
If more teen magazines had geek spreads, I would have bought a lot more of them. ;)
No kidding.... I'm still just stunned.... "Geeky" to the kids I teach, is still Jake Gyllenhaal or Tobey McGuire...