Mai Yamani

It's BACK!

*cuddles you all*

I missed you so.

Well, since LiveJournal was down, I have failed to make any long whiny posts about my move back to New York. See, something good came of it, after all! Look at the silver lining!

I suppose I'll just hit the highlights:
  • My mom and I traded phones. This means I have the shiny new phone that the phone insurance people gave her after trying unsuccessfully to foist several non-refurbished, non-working phones off on her. Of course, it also means I have a new phone number.
  • I convinced the guy at my dorm to let me into my room in spite of having neither a university ID or my housing assignment letter on me. (I actually hadn't even considered that they would want my housing assignment letter. Don't they know where they assigned me?)
  • I got my new university ID for free. They said that they were going to charge me $15, sure, but they didn't actually ask for my money or anything. I took the ID and left. :D
  • I don't know what happened to all of my stuff. Like, I used to have plates, and dishtowels, and stuff. I don't know what I did with them when I moved out. Oh well. Have been buying new stuff.
  • I wore my rain boots with a pair of socks that had a hole in the heel accidentally, and ended up with an enormous blister on said heel. Now I have an enormous oozing wound, and I have been reduced to limping around.
  • I have a new TV! I hug it and squeeze it and call it George! ... Of course, I actually can hug it, because it is tiny and cute and it sits on my desk next to my laptop, which has a much larger screen.
  • Best of all, this room is mine, mine, all mine! No one else can have it! Muahahahahahahahaha! Not that I've, you know. Had had experiences with roommates before. Or suitemates.
  • Finally, classes start on Tuesday. OMGWTF?
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Welcome home.

Your classes start on Tuesday? WTF indeed! Up here things have been rolling since the first week of Jan (Wednesday the 5th I believe). Must be nice to have an extended break like that.

Hope your heel improves.
Muah. I suppose that is one good thing about being on this side of the 49th parallel; classes, at least on the university level, generally start after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is the third Monday in January. It usually comes a bit later in the month, I think. Even though MLK's birthday was actually 15 January.

Either way, I am aggrieved! I was only actually home for, like, three days. That was not nearly long enough.