There is white stuff on the ground!

I woke up and there was snow! Snow for my birthday!

Missouri is clearly trying to get back into my good graces. Too late, Missouri. Especially since the snow is already melting. And it never actually covered the ground in the first place. But still! Snow!

I am rather fond of snow.

My mom and I picked up my brother from school and we went to Cocoa and Beans for coffee. Now, I know none of my readers live in Liberty, Missouri, and you're all right, too, because Liberty sucks. But I hope that enough people patronize this place to keep them in business, because they have comfy couches and chairs and magazines and paperback books and board games and pretty good coffee, too, and everyone should hang out there.

My little brother taught my mom and I to play Texas hold-'em with Scrabble tiles. (We also proposed a hybrid poker-Scrabble game where you spelled out words with the letters that were in the pot, but we haven't worked out the rules yet.) My mom cleaned us both out in our first game owing to her supreme confidence in whatever she held and experience in watching poker on TV. Yes. Go figure. However, she subsequently went down in flames in the next two games owing to the absence of the word "fold" in her vocabulary.

After that we went out for Italian food. My parents were totally going to let my 21st birthday pass without there being any alcohol involved, but our waitress was having none of that. Actually, I can hardly imagine what dinnertime conversations would be like if the rest of my family were drinking. As it was, we discoursed extensively on what part of his body my brother should pierce, and what kind of pimp cup my mother should have.

Also, my mom made me pose with my brother's watch at 7:53, the time at which I was born. Yes. We are so cool.

John Grisham was on the Daily Show. He and Jon Stewart bonded over the whole #1 bestseller/books getting banned thing. My mom loved it, as she is a huge John Grisham fangirl. Apparently he uses his wife as a beta reader, and she's highly critical. She once pitched a 500-page manuscript at him! Hee.
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Happy birthday! The big 2-1! Now you're legal to do everything everywhere in the world! Way to go!

Hey, another reason to move to Canada...the snow! Although, not so much in BC. If you REALLY like snow, move to Newfoundland :).
I've seen that Cocoa and Beans place, over by hallmark and price chopper. Ann works there, or used to, but we didn't go there this christmas. They should survive, i don't think htey have any competition, since Beanheads closed back in the 1990s and SRO closed last october. Just so long as it doesn't become a teeny bopper hangout.
SRO has reopened, sort of. They are now called Scoops, and in addition to custard they now serve hard ice cream and also apparently hot dogs.

In terms of coffee they also have a competitor--you may have heard of them?--called Starbucks. And yes, I know that there isn't a Starbucks in Liberty, but the people of Liberty are accustomed to commuting out of the city limits for every damn thing, since there is nothing in Liberty.
I had no idea there was a starbucks anywhere NEAR liberty. But starbucks doens't have the same atmosphere as this cocoa and beans, I'm sure.
Yeah, there's that one over by Barry Woods, and no doubt other ones, I dunno. The atmosphere (and the furnishings) are distinctly subpar.
Sneaking in right under the wire ... :D

Actually, my birthday was on the 10th, but I posted this entry on the 11th because ... my iBook still thought it was in GMT. Yup. I am on top of things. Which is why I am just now answering my happy birthday comments. :)
Slightly belated, but...
Felicem diem natalem!

Strangely enough, this is one of the very few phrases I remember from three years of Latin. (Another is "Flavia sub arbore sedet," which I guess is equivalent to "le singe et sur la branche" in terms of usefulness in everyday conversation. Not that Latin is useful for everyday conversation, anyway. But I digress.)
Re: Slightly belated, but...
Yeah, I dunno. All you have to do is find someone named Flavia. And a tree.

You could cheat, and rename an existing friend Flavia. For maximum pointlessness.
Happy belated birthday. We still have piles of snow up here, but with a (scarily) unusual high temperature of 10 °C forecast for tomorrow and rain on the way we may not have it for long...