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FIC: Mutual Satisfaction, Holmes/Watson, G

*claps hands*

Now I can cop to having written this, perhaps the most notable feature of which is that I actually uploaded it from a coffee shop on Baker Street. Yes. How cool am I?

(Don't answer that.)

Holmes/Watson has been my OTP for ages, and so I was thrilled to bits to get to write it and have my recipient enjoy it and have so many other people say such nice things about it and they didn't even complain about the Holmes/Moriarty and in short, I am extremely pleased.

Much love and praise goes to bossymarmalade, who wrote me my incredibly fantastic Nat/Dan. She rocks like a rocking thing.

I also mucked about with my website for a while and made a new title graphic that is utterly daft and not necessarily legible (satyadasa punned that it was florilegible, but coercedbynutmeg says not so much), but I love it beyond all reason regardless. The font with the entrancing decorative flourishes is Ardenwood, but when all the flourishes overlap each other since the demo version of Ardenwood didn't have the more normal versions of letters it pretty much just looks silly, so I pieced it together with a similar Gothic font. After all that time spent carefully aligning a zillion different layers, you're going to have an awfully hard time talking me out of it.
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Well, it's not like I was going to listen to you if you said you didn't like it. :-P
Holmes/Watson has been my OTP for ages,

YAY. I haven't even read it yet but I <3 you for writing it in advance, as I am sure it will be great. :D

/goes off to read! :)

//h/w OTP!
Huzzah! I'm so glad you liked it!

And man, how did I ever miss your Sherlock Holmes story? It's incredible; it could be taken straight from the books, and you've written Holmes and Watson pitch-perfect and complex and the dialogue is lush without being melodramatic. Plus, the revelations about Holmes' previous relationship!

I love that you let Watson be completely loyal to Holmes and still wrote him with dignity and delicacy. The little touches that you put in--Watson doing his own investigation, Holmes' protectiveness of him getting his hands dirty--I love and adore subtle details and terrific characterization, and this story has those in spades. It's just a lovely, smart piece of writing and I'm happy that your recipient enjoyed it as much as it deserves. *g*
I just want to say thank you again for the wonderful story! I'm glad you enjoyed writing it, because it was absolutely wonderful read.
Your booklog has inspired me with what books to buy with my Christmas money. :)
Yay! I was so glad you that liked it! You were the very very nicest Yuletide recipient a girl could have, and I treasured all the lovely things that you said. :)

Just lovely... lovely... lovely... in every conceivable way... I love Watson... and Holmes... and Moriarty... and squeeeeeee for Holmes/Moriarty. It's so... squeee.



*leaves incredibly clear and coherent feedback*
Good heavens. I've just found that you've friended me and decided to investigate. I would friend back on the strength of your icons alone, but you love books and other things that I too am addicted to, and besides which you're spiffy. So. Thank you for chancing by!