Some fabulous person has written me this, which is just the nicest Christmas present to wake up to. (Well, my brother also texted me that my cousin aunt and uncle gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card, and I certainly intend to have fun with that, but there is nothing like the gift of slash.)

With His Shield. Nat/Dan from Little Men. PG. Nat comes with gifts while Dan is convalescing. It is a lovely, lovely, thing, as delicate as a soap-bubble and as beautifully wrought, and it was written for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much!

And now--so many other stories to read! It's a good thing I'm not doing anything else for Christmas. ;)

*opens five million tabs*

EDIT: Yay, people have been kind to my story! And the recipient liked it! *sighs with much relief*

Now, I will properly feedback all these lovely stories if it kills me.
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