More fun with the OED

satyadasa, your name has all kinds of gloriously crazy definitions, some of them rather apt.

mike, n.1 Obs. rare.
A friend.

mike, n.3 Slang (chiefly Brit.).
A rest; a period of idleness; an act of shirking. Esp. in to do (also have) a mike: to be idle, to escape from or evade work; to go away. Cf. MICK n.5

mike, n.9 Slang.
A microgram of a drug, esp. lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

mike, v.1. Slang (chiefly Brit.).
intr. To shirk work; to idle away one's time; to loiter, to loaf. With off: to leave in order to avoid a task.

miker, n. Regional/slang variation of micher, n.
1. A robber, a petty thief. Now hist.
2.    a. A person who skulks or sneaks about with dishonest intent; a loiterer; (esp. in 16th and 17th centuries) a pander, a go-between. Obs.
b. A person who pretends poverty; a miser. Obs.
3. A truant. Now Brit. regional and Irish English..
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