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I am pleased to report that there is such a word as meganology (or meganologie). Of course, it doesn't actually mean the study of Megans, it means "a great speech or discourse", and it appears to be so obscure that it was used once, by some guy in 1656. But still.

I found a nifty vintage blue wool sweater at a thrift store. I am the sort of person who goes into thrift stores on a regular basis and yet never seems to turn up anything that could be worn in any context other than Geriatric 80s Day, or maybe as the fashionable equivalent of a hair shirt, so I count this as a great victory.

You know, the great thing about my long black winter coat is not merely that I can carry my iPod in one pocket and my keys, ID, compact, lip gloss, etc. etc. in the other. No, the really great thing is that, whilst I'm doing this, it furnishes the illusion that I actually have hips. (Of course, once I remove the coat it becomes, er, amply evident that this is not at all the case.)

I bought a paid account for my RP journal that should last until approximately when I leave office, because I am that much of a dork. worldaffairs remains one of the best things you can do sober. And also, on occasion, somewhat tipsy, as well.

EDIT: Oooh, I am talented. Having returned the book I wanted this morning at 9:30 and retained the book I was done with and that was due at 9:45, I have accomplished nothing whatever but racking up £5.50 in fines. Go me.

EDIT, NOW WITH ADDED IRRITATION: AIM won't let me sign into two of my accounts. Grr.
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You know, like one of these. Only more of a mortification of one's fashionableness than one's flesh, although some of those hideous pieces of clothing look pretty uncomfortable, too.
Ahh, like John the Baptist, wearing camels hair and eating locusts and wild honey.
Sorry about AIM, has that gotten better?
It has, fortunately. Less of an epic outage, and more of a temporary hiccup.
Whee, there are 10 people watching your community already! Where did they even hear about it?

You might consider dialling down the inflammatory language just a tad. Unless, of course, your goal is to end up on LJ Drama, which seems to be down at the moment, anyway, so you're safe for now.
I have a black coat that I love like that -- it fosters the illusion that I don't have hips, though... *sigh* If only it were a transforming coat... :)

I think that's awesome about Meganology... I can't find a Thereseology... oh well. I have a saint named after me... =D
Sweet! A movie for my namesake and a science(-ish thing) for yours!!!

Have you done that googlism thing where you type in your name and it gives you all the funny things from the first things it pulls up? It's www.googlism.com... It's really rather fun...
Googlism is all kinds of fun. I'm the devil! I am not dying of AIDS! I am only three years old! I am the one who publishes the movies! I am hardly average! I am the adventuresome young woman who stows away on a pirate ship! I am already the number one female surfer in the United States! I am confident that everyone can master the basics of floral arrangement! I am completely fictional! Whee!
Haha... and I'm a superhero for real, apparently! I'm the youngest doctor in the church vatican city! I am knocking on wood that I will remain unscathed! I'm a completely professional film... which is scary...

I love it..
"alia is open to all cairns jcu law students and other interested people"

I am not! :D

However, I also: am known as Caterina Sichling von Nuremberg (I sound like a Mary Sue...); a Hindu name meaning 'no thought' or 'below the consciousness'; am sittin' pretty around the corner and snuggly sipping mimosas (I wish!); and Capcom. :D

Another Therese, courtesy of the OED:

Teresa, n.
Also therese.

An article of female attire in the 18th c.: see quot. 1846.

1770 FOOTE Lame Lover III, Throwing her Teresa aside--upon my soul she is prodigious fine. 1846 FAIRHOLT Costume in Eng. (1860) Gloss., Therese, a light gauze kerchief worn over the ladies' head-dress about 1786.
huh... that's weird... I've never heard of it being that too...

I can't find where Megan means anything else... I put it into websters.com and it said, "Did you mean Meg an?" and I clicked on that and it said, "Did you mean Moggan?" hehe...

Your search - colinology - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing "colinology".

The best the OED has to offer seems to be "colinder", an obsolete spelling of "colander"; "Colinderies", "A half-jocular name for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition held in London in 1886"; "coling", a variant of "colling", which means "to cut the hair of", and, of course, colin, as another name for the bobwhite.
Bah, library fines. I am racking up several nice ones myself, thanks to the finickiness of our transit system. I never arrive at work (next to the library) early enough to drop off my books, even though the bus is supposed to, and I can't do it afterwards because the bus comes right when the store closes.

I must make the effort tomorrow as I am leaving for 2 weeks on Saturday morning... :P
I think that they should at least put my name in the front of some books to memorialize the not-insignificant amounts of money I wind up involuntarily donating to various libraries and library-type places. :D
Well, I did make it to the library today... and they can now afford to purchase 4 paperback novels. *wince*

That was an expensive lesson. Next time I'll be renewing online. o_O
Aww! So cute!

Bunnies always get under the tree and rub all the presents and things with their chins so that everyone knows that it all belongs to them. ;)