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A random observation upon rewatching a film for the essay that is due tomorrow

I've never had a video recording clarify for me that one of the places which my licence for home use only did not include was an oil rig.

Well, gee. This really scuttles my viewing plans, let me tell you.

What is the world coming to when we cannot watch films that we have legally purchased on oil rigs? Are oil rigs, in fact, generally equipped with DVD players? Wouldn't you be bored stiff if you were stuck on an oil rig for an extended period of time and forbidden to watch your DVDs? Is this entry not an egregious piece of procrastination? Will I be able to stop ending all my sentences with question marks?

Tune in next time for another exciting instalment of mayhap's life ...
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Well, workers on offshore oilrigs in the European sectors tend to live there in two-week shifts, so their accomodations include catering and comfortable lounges with A/V entertainment systems for their off-duty time.
Well, this is certainly as it should be. The pleasant accommodations, that is, and not the licensing restrictions.
Well, the licensing-restriction is because the A/V-systems would be in the common lounges, and so the use of the DVD on those systems would constitute showing the movie to an audience, rather than for private use.
My father and my brother-in-law both work on oil rigs and they're usually on the rig for about 3 weeks at a time. The rule about DVDs/videos applies to broadcasting them in public areas - like one of the lounges which is generally filled by just about everyone who isn't working or sleeping. They would be able to, however, watch DVDs in the privacy of their own room provided they had their own DVD player/TV/computer (which is highly unlikely, 'cause the cabins tend to be a wee bit spartan), so yeah.
Tragically, lawmakers never ask me what I think of the ability of copyright-holders to attempt to micromanage other people's lives regarding their use of various media. Also tragic is the fact that my essays do not write themselves. ;)