Mai Yamani


I just picked up all sorts of cool things from the library, including The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 1, hurrah! I might go to see the movie, but only if my father and brother decide they want to go and drag me along and (of course) pay for it. They might do. They tried to drag me to The Hulk, but I put my foot down there.

One thing that bothers me is how slowly and painfully I read comics/graphic novels/whatever. I suppose this stems from my non-misspent-youth wherein I read the Annotated Sherlock Holmes instead of whatever was being published in the comics world then. (On that note: Mycroft Holmes, squee! I always loved Mycroft.) I find myself focusing too much on the textual elements, not properly assimilating the visual cues, and still, as I say, reading very slowly. (You will note that I have been distracted already.) Although I adore and appreciate all the mock-Victorian layout and such.

satyadasa, it would be cooler if you were here to translate the Arabic.
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Mina from Dracula is fetching Allan Quartermain from King Solomon's Mines and She out of Cairo, yes.