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Am totally bemused by the TV coverage of the World Snooker Championship. Like, hours and hours and hours of it, and it's been going on all week. And I still don't know what snooker even is.

I mean, I can see that it involves boys playing with their balls, but beyond that, I'm lost.
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I don't know what snooker is, either. I can't even get a picture of it in my head. (Well, I can, but it's totally wrong. It's this weird combination of poker, shuffleboard, and curling, which is not at all right.)

But I just wanted to let you know that I just 'Aaawww!'-ed out loud at your icon. So cute!
Hee! I would totally play your version of snooker. The actual thing is more like pool, only most of the balls are crimson, and it goes on forever and ever and ever.
Ah, that lovable wife-beating drunk
I've only ever heard of snooker in the context of Andy Capp comics.  He seems to be something of an enthusiast.  I've verified the similiarity of this game to billiards by looking it up on Wikipedia, and thus, as always happens when I foolhardily look up anything on that site, I have gotten sucked in and spent the last half hour reading all about it and linking to related articles.  Curse the internet and its wealth of moderately interesting information!
Re: Ah, that lovable wife-beating drunk
Whoa. So there's a Centre for the study of Cartoons and Caricature now?

Curse the internet, indeed.
Seriously! I bring it up just so I can say it. Snooker snooker snooker. ;)
Haha.... might not be a bad pickup line... *To the handsome stranger* "So, what do you think of when I say, 'snooker'?" hehe...