meddling in the affairs of wizards

Bit by the role-playing bug

I held out for so long! I thought I was immune!

I will hereafter be RPing President Khatami of Iran (mo_khatami) in worldaffairs, the RPG where politicians have LiveJournals and are total dorks.

Why Khatami, you ask? Because he's hot, of course. *g* And a very interesting guy.

Come watch, or apply to play! worldaffairs: you know you want to!
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I have been thinking about worldaffairs for a while, but I think I'd be too slow on the uptake to really make a solid go of it... and that'd be no fun for anyone.
Great. Now you've gone and twisted my rubber arm. ;)

She's way into hyperbole. That article includes gems like "300 million Americans have had the stuffing punched out of them and there is no end in sight." :)

I will see if I can come up with something good while at work tonight.
:D Welcome to the insanity!

I wouldn't worry about it too much, since you can post as much or as little as you want when your character isn't hitting the international headlines.
Random LiveJournal hunting rawks

Just pootling about, and came by your LJ. I've decided it rocks. You rock. Like a huge boulder. Without moss.

kThat WorldAfflairs thing also looks fun, too *contemplates*

*shuts the hell up and scampers the hell off*
Re: Random LiveJournal hunting rawks
Bwah! Thank you!

Just beware of worldaffairs. It may devour your soul, and/or make you read the news all the time, looking for things you can make fun of your fellow players for. *nods*
How many random people is that now? I also wonder about the Calvin and Hobbes thingies, as I know someone else who'd appreciate them. She's from Fife, too...
My mood theme brings all the gender-ambiguous people to my LiveJournal. Or something. ;)
Thanks! I made them myself. Well, I started with scans of the ridiculously Calvin and Hobbes comics, anyway. Calvin's very expressive. *g*
well make that 4 voyuers on your journal that like it :)