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Ah yes, back to the familiar routine of shaking my fist at NYU until I get repetitive stress injury

I'm all registered for next semester! I could have done this yesterday had I not spaced out on emailing my advisor for approval on my schedule, but I got into all the classes that I wanted anyway, so no harm done.

Naturally, now that I am finally a senior, no one is offering any incredibly, incredibly cool courses, like the Tolkien and Lewis one. Besides, my course selections were constrained by the fact that I very cleverly put off half my core requirements until the last semester of my senior year (so I can get into the good science and social science classes, damn it).


The Darwinian Revolution
Culture as Communication
Gendering the Middle Ages
Shakespeare and the London Theatre

Not bad, eh?

Today was the first day that I needed my brand-new shiny NYU ID number that is NOT my Social Security number that NYU oh-so-charmingly made publicly available on teh intarweb on several notable occasions. My new ID number is supposed to be on my brand-new shiny NYU ID card (which is actually stunningly ugly), but of course, I do not have a brand-new shiny NYU ID card because I haven't been in New York to get it.

I went to the NYUCard website looking for help, and this was their terribly useful advice:
How do I find out my new “UID”?

The best way to find out your new ID number is to get your new ID card. The number will be printed on the back.
Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot I was going to email them and tell them how profoundly useless they were, but the housing website, of all places, told me where I could find this magical number online, which I did.

I will probably never be able to remember it to save my life. I have the amazing ability to forget numbers in record time, which, unlike memorizing five million digits of pi, is not considered a particularly noteworthy gift. Well, it's a good thing I'm graduating soon.

Oh, and NYU housing claims that I am not eligible to renew my contract. This is vile slander, and upon returning to the city, I intend to challenge the person(s) responsible to a duel.

EDIT: I cannot tell you how proud I am that my license fee goes towards shows like this one.
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Without even having watched it, I can still state with confidence that Ban This Filth is officially my new favorite show ever.  Thank you for bringing it to my attention.  Now excuse me while I pack my bags for my impending move to the UK.
Truly, it does not get any better than this. I have my scotch and television license ready for your arrival.
I totally read that as "IUD" the first three times.
Hee! While the NYUCard people don't mention anything about it, I suspect that that is a Highly Discouraged Potential Use of their product.
Yes, I did the exact same thing, read it as IUD. I mean, yeah you EXPECT universities to provide condoms, but IUD?
Of course, you could always try microwaving it.