GIP; Dear Santa

First of all, icon! The art is of course by the lovely and talented redscharlach. I have great and t00by love for The Scream, movie!Trelawney, and, of course, redscharlach, so iconnage was really inevitable.

Next, I got my yuletide assignment, and some poor unsuspecting person has mine, so I
Dear Santa,

I'm getting excited about the story I'm writing, and I hope you are, too. I mean, it'd be great if you took one look at the email and thought, "Hey, I am so inspired by this nifty, nifty idea" instead of "Just how is this girl affording the copious amounts of crack that she is clearly smoking, and is she planning on sharing with me on 1 January?"

Either way, it bears repeating that whatever you end up writing is going to be really exciting and cool to me. Start with what I put down but end up somewhere different! Do something else altogether because you had this great idea!

Er. I'm babbling. In short: I'm easy. ;)

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I like your background(the books) and I love the calvin and hobbes icons. How did you get those? I love calvin and hobbes. That's pretty cool that you have a booklog as well.
Thanks. :)

The books are a picture I just found on Google, resized, and set as my background. I made the Calvin and Hobbes icons by going through some PDF files I downloaded of the complete Calvin and Hobbes comics and finding good pictures of Calvin and resizing them and it took forever, but I love Calvin and Hobbes too.