Why isn't it tomorrow already?

Prof. Bartlett loved my essay comparing The Name of the Rose and Monty Python and the Holy grail. I loved that essay, too. And I love Prof. Bartlett, who's terribly funny and insightful and wears sandals in October. So we're all happy.

The British edition of Becket in French that I found at the library has stage pictures, although it doesn't say what production they're from. I must find somewhere to scan them. The guy playing Becket is dead sexy and looks rather like my mental Lord Peter Wimsey and Sherlock Holmes. *purrs*

I just hit "Submit" on my yuletide entry. I am madly excited at the prospect of the things that I requested, and also excited (but veryveryanxious) about all the stuff that I volunteered to write. I'd say more, but this is all hush-hush. ;)

The Onion AV Club has a cool interview with Shane Carruth, the writer, producer, director, star, composer, editor, and co-cinematographer of that movie I really want to see. That and the One Ring Zero concert on Wednesday almost make me wish I was in New York right now. Almost.

My final wisdom tooth on the lower right is coming in. I'm rather fond of the other three, but this one is driving me crazy. It's coming in really slowly, like the other lower one, but it hurts, which none of the other ones really did. The upper right one just sort of appeared a couple of weeks ago, like Athena from the head of Zeus. If this is going on for the fifth straight day tomorrow, I'm giving up and buying some of that smear-it-in-your-mouth-to-make-the-pain-go-away stuff.
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Didn't Athena come from the thigh of Zeus? Hrm. Which myth am I mixing that up with? I know, I know, ending a sentence with a preposition. "With which myth" was a bit of a tongue twister :).

(I know, I'm odd :) )
My apologies for the 50 million comments in your inbox. LJ is being stupid.
you tease!
The guy playing Becket is dead sexy and looks rather like my mental Lord Peter Wimsey and Sherlock Holmes. *purrs*

You make an evaluation like that and don't even give us his name? I realize a digital pic may be hard to come by, but... but...

Re: you tease!
It doesn't even say! I have combed this book! No names, no dates, no other details about the production ... they're all just captioned with a terse description of the scene in French and "Photo : Agence Pic". I suspect it must be the original French production, in which case he is ... Bruno Crémer. (Hee. I had my mom find my French edition and scan the cast list for me.)

At any rate, by hook or by crook, I am finding a scanner and scanning these pictures and sharing them with all. Tomorrow, even, if I'm not totally smashed and/or weeping in a corner.
Sounds like a really cool idea for an essay. (Don't mind me, I'm belated.)

Do you know whether the final wisdom tooth is clear or whether it might be slightly impacted?
Thanks! And I did have my teeth x-rayed shortly before I left the country, and my dentist failed to say "Oh my god you need to have that out right now," and also it isn't really bothering me today, so I'm thinking I'll be fine. Hopefully. Maybe.