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Mac software roundup

As many of you may know, I am Steve Jobs's bitch forever a raging Apple fangirl a happy Mac user. You can take away my iBook when a.) you pry him from my cold, dead hands, or b.) distract me with a new laptop with better specs, but you had better migrate all my data over FireWire first.

Anyway, these are the OS X programs, mostly free-for-some-definition-of-free-or-other, that I'm particularly fond of, and so I shall proceed to plug them in case this is useful to anyone.

(Edited because I forgot one of the most important ones, so key to my computing experience that I no longer realize that it is even there!)

Adium. The finest third-party AIM client for years, now also supporting Yahoo and MSN and Jabber and Rendezvous and all that jazz. It's only gotten better over the years, but the one feature that won my heart initially has remained constant: searchable logs. It also has great tabbed message windows, customizable message views and contact list views, dock icons (cute animated ones!), emoticons, sound sets, all kinds of nifty customizable stuff.

Free as in open source. Also has a an excellent, committed development team.

iMote. Control iTunes with universal keyboard shortcuts (i.e., you don't have to stop what you're doing and click on iTunes first. I don't use the menubar item as I find it redundant, but oh, the keyboard shortcuts!

Free as in no cost.

MenuMeters. This is an incredibly dorky preference pane that allows you to monitor various system stats in your menubar. I use it mainly to keep an eye on my network throughput--I am obscurely pleased to know how much bandwidth I am consuming in either direction at any given moment.

Free as in no cost.

NewsFire. I tried a bunch of RSS aggregators recently, and I fell in love with this one. Lovely, simple, functional interface--the various feeds appear in the column on the left. They whoosh up to the top of the list when new items appear. I clicked around with it briefly and found it enormously intuitive and customizable.

Why do I even have an RSS aggregator, you might ask? I found that it complements my flist perfectly--I added all the feeds that I initially friended on LJ, but found that they kept spitting up too many entries and hogging the entire thing, like the excellent BBC feeds. Now I just click on the headlines I'm interested in, mark the rest of them read, and then they're not in my way anymore. Likewise, I added the feeds for busy/spammy communities like teh_music and pornish_pixies, so I can get to them/get back to them at my leisure. Oh, and did I mention that it has a nifty, lightning-fast search feature?

Free as in no cost.

OmniWeb. My browser of choice for years now. How much do I like OmniWeb? Well ... I paid for it.

Yeah, I know. What is this, 1997 or something? I like it that much. There's one feature I seriously can't live without, and I feel like someone's cut my fingers off or something when I'm using another browser--shortcuts. For example, if I type "pics Guybrush Threepwood" into my address bar, it does a Google Images search for Guybrush Threepwood. If I type "lj coercedbynutmeg", it expands that to If I type "oed corduroy", it ... I think you get the point. It's brilliant. The implementation of tabs is pretty spiffy, too.

$29.95, as in $29.95. Unless you can plausibly consider yourself an edu type like me, in which case it's $29.95 as in $19.95. You can, of course, try it out for free, as in no cost, for a month.

SubEthaEdit. On its own, a nice lightweight text editor. Combined with other SubEthaEdit users though, you can take over the world! Or maybe just edit documents collaboratively in realtime. One of the two.

Free as in no cost.

WeatherPop. I actually paid for this too. Nice little menubar icon with the current temperature and a little graphic to represent the weather conditions. Click on it, and you get practically all the detail your heart desires--five-day forecast, humidity, wind, whatever.

There's a free as in no cost version that only supports cities in the US covered by the National Weather Service, and a $8 as in $8 version that you can try for free for 14 days at any rate.
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