zzzzz ...

Okay, what do I do with all this adrenaline now that I don't want it?

Well, by dint of not actually getting any sleep and being mildly successful at preventing myself being distracted, not to mention running to the library to print it, I did manage to hand in my essay. It was sort of like one of those stories that starts off quite promisingly, and you say to yourself, "Well, this isn't bad," and "I rather like the premise," and then all of a sudden it concludes "And then they all died THE END."

But, you know. Worrying about it now isn't going to do the slightest bit of good. I'll worry about the next one instead.

On the plus side, having slaved over the handout for my group to present, I didn't actually have to do any presenting, so having got there an hour early to meet with them I sat about and read Le Morte d'Arthur.

Although now I am veeeeery sleeeepy. Much like my icon. I think I will sleep in the bed, as it is oh so much more comfortable than the desk.
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