Mai Yamani

An open letter to myself

Dear self,

Procrastinating on the essay that is due tomorrow at 9:00 (that's in a little over twelve hours, self; I know you have trouble with numbers sometimes, but it's easy with twelve-hour intervals) by working on the essay that's due on Monday is still procrastinating.

Indeed, your procrastination is rendered all the more egregious by the fact that yea, the essay that is due on Monday is already more than half done and you have tons more to say about the topic, whereas the essay that is due tomorrow is outlined and begun and that's about it, and your grip on the material in question is considerably more tenuous.

Work on the proper essay, you dimwit.

No love,

P.S. Reloading your friendspage is right out.
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Haha... with a few minor edits, that's me on the day before I give a test, bitching at myself about not having it made out until the period before I give it. :)
Yeah, until I made out a test this morning and my printer isn't working. ARGH!!!

I think I jinxed myself!!!
Ooooh, that sounds cool. (Assuming, of course, you actually wrote the essays...) What kind of program is it?