Today was a good day

Hee. When I first settled in, I put my name and room number in my iTunes Music Library name, and a whole bunch of people did likewise. I was a trendsetter!

Just now a cute Canadian boy stopped by and asked if I could burn a bunch of Bach for him, because he had gotten accustomed to studying by it, and now he totally couldn't handle studying at the library, or when I shut my computer down. :D

Other banner accomplishments of the day: I changed my sheets and duvet cover. I am, as I have previously admitted, somewhat duvet-challenged, so yes, I do consider this to be an accomplishment.

Also met with my Vikings group. We did groupy things, and turned over all of our notes to the girl who proposed to do the handout.

Next proposed goal: figure out how to do my laundry.
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I laughed out loud at your duvet problems... I have the same ones. I have sworn off duvets for good... they are, in my opinion, pillowcases of Satan, sent to earth to torture otherwise good people, who by their very interaction with said duvet become damned to eternal torment of trying to manage the duvet...

Maybe I feel a bit strongly about them... but that's where I am on that subject. :)
pillowcases of Satan

I could not agree more. I keep asking myself, who could possibly come up with such a thing? and there can be only one answer...