true love

How appropriate! You fight like a cow!

Well, I suppose you can all officially count me in as J.J. Abrams's bitch once more, now that I have seen the pilot episodes of Lost (many thanks to satyadasa). I think I was sold approximately fifteen minutes in when an unknown cast member made a probably ad-libbed reference to Monkey Island.

No, but really. I love the premise that there's something bizarre going on on the island, yes, but all the passengers have their own secrets as well. I quite frankly have no idea how long they can spin it out and make it interesting, but you had better believe that I intend to keep watching and find out. Is it too much to ask that it ever comes to a satisfying conclusion? It probably is ...

Speaking of television, I believe it is something of an indication that one exists somewhat perpendicular to society as a whole when one sees Eminem on TV and thinks, "Aww, how cute, he looks like Tom Felton."

My three-year-old second cousin and his daddy are visiting my family in Missouri. Evidently, it has been far, far too long since my mother had small children (my little brother is 17 now), since she has seen fit to welcome him by providing him with some kind of drum set. A drum set. I ask you.
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Did YOU ever get a drum set?
This drum set is going back home with him, right? Are you sure your mom likes his parents?
i can't say i agree on the choice of gifts.
Drums are a little too old unless it is a toy set of drums of sorts... but I am not sure. I noticed you are quite well read and if you would allow I could subscribe to your list?