There are boys.

Playing cricket.

Outside my window.

I win!
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Hey, I learned a fun European phrase for "fuck you." It's "Go sit on your bike please." Have you heard that? Is it true?
Oh, the girl who told us that was British.... not true, huh? She's probably somewhere laughing her bum off that these stupid american teachers at this school in Mississippi are telling each other to go sit on their bikes like it means something.....
You know, the thing is we have so much variation in local slang and accents here that it could well be perfectly normal for wherever she's from. I've never heard it here in the south, that much is certain.
Well darn. We were all so tickled about it... I think I may not tell my coworkers... why spoil the party?
You can all use it and be extremely cool and elite and incomprehensible to people who are not in on the secret, and that is what really matters. :D
I would take them home to you if only they would fit in my checked luggage. ;)
This comment is of no relevance to your entry.

Explain to me why we read the same books and have not met years earlier to discuss it? Aha. Do you mind if I add you up in my flist?
Hooray for boys? does that mean I got a yay for showing up?... lol. Its cool that you got to see Scotland I am jealous.