Mai Yamani

*shakes puny fist of rage*

Fire alarms? At 1:20 AM? A scant twelve hours after the last fire alarm?

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Oh no, and they keep doing the fire alarm... Yeah, like you said, take the jacket.

But I bet it's neat otherwise to be in Scotland. Take lots of pics. I've always wanted to see it.
Mmm, I will. Scotland is so pretty. And here in St. Andrews we're right on the sea, which is nifty as well.
Oh, do I ever know that feeling. At least a dozen times last year in residence, at all hours, we would be woken up by the fire alarm. Eventually people just stopped leaving the building. There were something like 6 alarms in the first 3 weeks, and a few times we got them twice in a night.

The worst time was when the temperature hit -33 C and something froze up. The security and heating systems malfunctioned and we were forced out of the building for over an hour at 4 in the morning... fortunately there was a 24h coffee shop just across the street. But by the time we got back in, the inside temp had dropped to something like 15 C, so we froze for the next day. It took them for-freaking-ever to get the heat back on.

*sigh* So very glad I don't live in residence any more.
Do tell
your story sounds like you attend SAIT and lived in Rez. I stayed over a couple of times when my best friend lived in that rez. It was nuts. I always brought something bright and colourful to wear should we be awaken by the fire alarm. The first year she lived on the 17th floor. Second year was easier she lived on tne 11th floor. And not once did we see a cute firefighter. We also use to take a stuffed animal on the journey down the stairs. Just for something for other freezing souls to talk about.

AH that was so long...good thing we were young and fit at the time.
Re: Do tell
Good grief, 17 floors? Our residence was only 5 and I lived on the main floor, so I was lucky. And we occasionally got cute firefighters, but they usually looked really pissed to be there, because there was never a fire.

I heard that this weekend, the res had to be emptied because someone sprayed a fire extinguisher all over the 3rd floor. So glad I don't live there anymore.
Brrrr. That sounds miserable.

The university has very cleverly come up with two tactics to keep us from taking the "stay in bed" option:

a.) The fire alarm is so incredibly loud that if you stayed in the building too long, it would probably kill you, like the guy trapped in the bell tower in The Nine Tailors.

b.) Out in the parking lot, they actually have a roll call to see who is and isn't out there.

Yeah, our fire alarm was like that too. There was a shutoff you could press if it was malfunctioning that would turn it off, but 10 minutes later, give or take, it would come screaming back on. Not to mention that it's accompanied by a freakishly bright flashing light in the hallways and common areas.

Roll call would have been a good idea at my residence. It used to drive me crazy that people ignored the alarm, and I'd be out there freezing cold and be able to see lights on in the building where people were still inside.