He's basically Lord Peter, only an art thief. And this is sexy like whoa. Trust me.

So my mom skipped to the last tape of Night Train to Memphis to try to just get the ending (she always does this with paper books, when she doesn't, like, outright read them backwards) and so didn't really get a good idea of what went on and still thinks John is creepy, having apparently missed all the bits that showed him to excellent advantage. *sighs* At least she apparently didn't notice me visibly swooning over absolutely everything he did in what we did listen to.

I dunno where I got my (probably lamentable) taste in fictional men, but it evidently wasn't from her. Although I believe she is guilty of sharing my giant plebey hopeless crush on Fox Mulder.

We went shopping this evening for the sort of things one might want to take to Scotland with one, so now I have all sorts of nifty toiletries and other items. Including new red shoes. Yay.

... Cannot believe I'm leaving on Saturday. Eeep.

Am backing up everything on my computer lest something terrible have it. It is taking forever and making everything slooooooooow. But better than my dying a thousand deaths should anything happen to my preciousssss.
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I have a hopeless crush on Aragorn, who I always had a nagging feeling SHOULD IN FACT be with Eowyn... (but I think that's because I rode horses all my life and thought of myself as the kind of girl who would have slain the dragons like Aerin in "The Hero and the Crown." I always felt Arwyn won fair and square, but Eowyn was definitely the more heroic of the two.) As a child I used to want to marry Aragorn. Haha... still do...

I also have a serious thing for Jason Bourne. Pre-Matt Damon, although he certainly didn't hurt things any...

And yeah, Mulder's great too. So you and your mom aren't alone.
Pretty sure I read somewhere that Tolkien did intend at first for Aragorn to get together with Éowyn. Then he came up with the idea of Aragorn and Arwen as a parallel of Beren and Lúthien, the other big elf-human marriage in Middle Earth history where the elf gives up her immortality, which Tolkien also considered parallel to his marriage to his childhood crush whom he'd been forbidden to marry. (Incidentally, all the descriptions I've ever read of their marriage sound totally creepy to me. She wasn't interested in anything he did, or vice versa. They had totally separate friends who did not mix. Gives me the shivers, it does.)

And then he thought Arwen's entire backstory was getting out of hand and he dumped it unceremoniously in the appendices, which just goes to show why Tolkien did not have much of a future in writing romance novels. Yeah, we readers sure don't want to know about this Aragorn guy's love life at all. No sir, can't imagine that that would interest anyone ... ;) At least Éowyn and Faramir get their sweet moments together.

Aaaaand I'm a dork. :D
Haha... no, I'm the dork! I'm the one overidentifying with Eowyn, and when you said, "Tolkien did intend at first for Aragorn to get together with Éowyn" I got all giddy like a teenage girl.

I also agree: J.R.R. Tolkien creates the perfect man and then leaves us all hanging... *sigh* At least that way the dorks among us can still dream... ;]
Oh, no, John isn't creepy; he's romantic and chivalrous (most of the time) and occasionally scrupled and blond (what? that's a characteristic *g*), and I love him so so so so so so much. Yes. NTtM is actually my single most often read book of all time (with Trojan Gold a close second), because I love John and Vicky to such ecstatic pieces, lovelovelovelovelove them!

Have you read all of the other books about them? Including the ones with only one of them, not both? *g* I've just finally gotten around to reading the Amelia Peabody books this summer, which are of course the books for which EP is most famous, but for years and years I just couldn't bear to read any of her books that didn't include Vicky and John, because, did I mention, I looooooooooooooooove them? *g* The Amelia books are nice, but no, they don't have Vicky and John. I try to control my longing for them, and enjoy the books on their own merits. Plus, I always loved her Barbara Michaels books too (House of Many Shadows being far and away my favorite), and those didn't have Vicky or John...

Oops, babbling. Will stop now.

(Oooh, Vicky and John, lovelovelove!)
*loves you and loves you some more*

I love the Vicky and John books absolutely to bits. Probably literally to bits sometime in the near future. ;) My best friend from high school and her mom, who both have excellent taste in literature, gave me The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog for my birthday some years ago, so I did read the Amelia books first, and they are very nice and I like Egyptology, but ... John! Vicky! Vicky and John! I love them when they're bickering and I love them when they're working together and I love them when they're quoting John Donne in bed. Love.

I have, um, also read everything else she's ever written, including her first book that she told people not to bother reading. *g* Did I mention that this was the summer after sophomore year in high school and I didn't have a lot else to do? Yeah. And I put them all in a list by year of publication and had it on my old website. Am such a dork.

So you're leaving for Scotland and here's where my envy is starting to sink in.  Hey, do you think they celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in Scotland? It's Sunday, you know.  I think you should make a point of enforcing it.  The "arrrrr" would be worrrrth it.

Speaking of the British Isles, I've just spent the last ten minutes trying to think of a single fictional-crush I've had on a character that wasn't English, Scottish, or Irish, but am coming up blank.  (Don't mean to exclude the Welsh, but I can't think of many Welsh characters.)  If I put my mind to it I might be able to come up with a Russian or something, but chances of an American are looking slim.
Hmm. Off-hand, I can only seem to think of one, but after all, he was my first--Laurie Lawrence from Little Women. *swoons*

You know, I'm not entirely certain I want to spend my very first day at St. Andrews talking like a pirate, you know? But if I do find some cool people to talk like a pirate with, I totally will. Arrrrrrr.