the ordinary princess

Eternal youth? Nah, you don't want that.

Well, I hacked off a couple of inches of (ridiculously dry and unsatisfactory) hair, with the my hairdresser as an accessory to the crime. My hair is now unnervingly short. It does, however, look good in pigtails. Of course, this makes me look approximately seven. I am doomed, not only to be carded for the rest of my life, but to be denied entry to PG-13 movies.

I need more wool socks. I am losing the air conditioner war again, and my feet are cold. Actually, my feet are cold most of the damn time.

The book I picked up from my Brandeis box (Cut to the Quick by Kate Ross) is actually getting rather interesting, so perhaps I will go finish it. Julian Kestral is another one of those characters that I blame on Lord Peter Wimsey, I believe.
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Oh, alas. :/ I think the lady at the nice mystery bookstore/tearoom told me that, and then I blocked it out.

I'll have to look those up.
Whack your hair and wear pigtails, eh? ;) Don't give us old people any ideas about how to find the fountain of youth...
Well, if your idea of a good time is, "Hey little girl, where's your mommy?" ;)
So where is a pic of meghan with ridiculously short hair? I need a haircut too, then I can try pigtails and overalls. Then I'll look either seven years old, like a farmer, or French.