LJ has eaten my free text box. Including my laborious transcription of Neil Gaiman's Writer's Prayer, which was like an exercise in the frustrations of the subjectivity of punctuation.

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It's probably browser-dependent, actually. True, lj timeouts cause things not to be posted properly, but IE loses the contents of text fields when a page gets stuck or is revisited (back/forward). Mozilla and Firefox don't. *poke* D'you have the option of installing a second browser?

If you don't have that option, have you considered typing stuff up in a text editor and pasting it in afterwards?
The truly bizarre thing is that it was there for a while before it vanished. A week, maybe? I forget. I did type it in a text editor even, but then I foolishly closed it without saving because obviously if I ever needed it, it would be ever-so-handily in my sidebar. Whoops.

Am very happily IE-free, however. And, for that matter, Windows-free. ;)