Mai Yamani

Evil Peppermint of DOOM

Here are some pictures!

That was way more effort than it, perhaps, should have taken, which is why I am now too lazy to actually put the images in my post. ;)

A few more pictures of Harry are here, too.

My little brother just called me on his cellphone. He was driving his friend Nathan home from their youth group meeting, and was disturbed by an alleged "strong peppermint smell". Knowing that I carry a bottle of peppermint essential oil in my purse as a headache remedy, he was certain that I had somehow left it in the car and it was dripping, dripping everywhere and I had to make it stop ARGH!

Then Nathan realized what he was going on about and informed him that he was consuming a breath mint. I laughed hysterically. Danny harrumphed and said that it could have been a dangerous peppermint leak. I laughed some more.

*points to icon*

I discovered Herobear and the Kid while I was shelfreading at the library, and aww. The art is to die for--Mike Kunkel is an ex-Disney animator and his stuff looks like an animator's pencil sketches and has a fabulous sense of motion and is flat-out gorgeous. I was liking the story as well--it's kind of like the childhood you wish you remembered, and it rings true--although it sort of feels like it's barely getting off the ground and then that's the end of the trade paperback, and it ended on a vaguely sour, heavy-handed note for me, which was disappointing as it had begun with such a lovely light touch. Still, aww.

The clear winner of my poll is that seven of you want Jesus and Mary Magdalene knocking sandals, although everything I'm presently writing is loved by somebody. (Aww ... ) I shall go ... write things. Or possibly sleep.
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Maybe it's just me, but Harry looks like Bun-Bun. *shudder*
That baby doesn't look so much like a car to me.

Besides, don't breath mints and essential oil smell a little bit different?
Re: Jetta
A peppermint breath mint would smell like peppermint. Which is what peppermint oil smells like.

It was probably an Altoid or something.
Re: Jetta
Mmm, guar gum.

I hope I never implied that my brother was behaving logically in placing this call.