Re-Elect Governor Marley

Update on the universe-wide conspiracy to stop me seeing Pirates of the Caribbean

Friday: Got off work at six, planning to see movie, was informed could not see movie because of important television schedule conflict, watched Monk and Psych (kind of cute! pretty funny! damn slashy!) instead.

Saturday: Got off work at five, planning to see movie, was informed could not see movie because parents were ditching me to have dinner with people they love more than they love me not that I'm bitter or anything, watched Doctor Who instead.

Sunday: Woke up at ten, planning to see movie, invited handynavi to come too, waited for Sam to shower, was in interim ditched by parents having dinner with people they love more than they love me not that I'm bitter or anything two days in a row I'm just saying, Sam discovered that his tires were flat and went off to have them replaced but they didn't have the right tires so we couldn't really go anywhere without risking death and destruction, watched Becket and played the Sims 2 instead.

It was the non-available tires that really upgraded the situation from "repeatedly annoying" to "conspiracy theory material".

Here are .
*makes grog with kerosene, propylene glycol, sulphuric acid, artificial sweeteners, red dye no2, rum, acetone, battery acid, scumm, axle grease, and/or pepperoni*

*gets thrown out of theatre drunkenly warbling A Pirate I Was Meant To Be*

Monkey Island is love.
I look that much like your fiancée?

*swashes buckle*

I have never lost a mêlée!
How appropriate! You fight like a cow!


I once owned a dog that was smarter than you.
Your hemorrhoids are acting up again, eh?

Don't ask how many attempts it took to type that properly. I blame the grog.

I'll leave you devastated, mutilated and perforated!
From the size of your gut, I'd guess they were all eaten!

You should wash them down with some lovely grog. *nods*

Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape!
Is that your face? I thought it was your backside!

Your mother wears a toupee!
The boys are very sweet. :) I spent way too many hours playing with my PoT Sims 1 skins. Oh the drama of the Inui-Kaidoh-Momo love triangle! Oh the cuteness of Sim!Kaidoh's pyjamas!
It is crazy addictive. Presently I have Sim!Inui shacking up with Sim!Tezuka and his fabulous purple wardrobe (the purple Speedo needs to be seen to be believed), but he is biding his time to put the moves on Sim!Kaidoh as soon as he grows up. Meanwhile, Sim!Kaidoh is getting pretty cozy with Sim!Ryoma, although so far he has been able to conceal their relationship from an oblivious Sim!Momo, and Sim!Nanjiroh is having it off with all the NPCs in the neighborhood ...
I would love to see Inui and Tezuka! I never tried to make any PoT characters in Sims 2 -- it must have been fun to work that out.

I've been reading this story on ff.n where Tezuka and Kaidoh are interested in each other and Inui is matchmaking the whole affair. It's quite an intriguing idea, really. I'm assuming that he's got something going on with Yanagi since he's so unconcerned about those two hooking up without him. (Well, unless he plans to insert himself into the equation once the groundwork is laid. That would be a rather delicious, if awkward, threesome.)
Oh god, I can just see Inui whipping out his extensive collection of threesome diagrams to illustrate all the possibilities and Kaidoh and Tezuka both turning bright, bright red ...

I had a few Inui/Tezuka screenshots but they all turned out annoyingly small, so I think I will have to steal my brother's computer again when he wakes up (if he ever wakes up!) and capture some new ones. Here's the best of the lot:

I love that cap -- it's pretty much exactly how I picture them together. Inui just that little bit possessive, and bending Tezuka back just enough to show him who's in charge around here.

*fans self*

And I think surviving Inui's Wild Ride of Threesome Ecstasy Deluxe would bond Tezuka and Kaidoh together for the rest of their natural lives.
Psych! I totally want to read fic about wee!Shawn and wee!Gus at the cinnamon festival, now.